Wednesday, February 6, 2013

Is it Spring yet?

Today I am grateful for the ability to work at home.  I was able to sleep until 6, walk the dogs, go to the gym, and work a little late while K was at piano.  I'm still really tired, but less so than yesterday.  Maybe?  I am also grateful for the books I have to read and listen to, my ipod, my new trailer-park smart phone, and my wonderful husband who puts up with me every day.  That one probably should have been the first thing I mentioned huh?  I have been absolutely awful to him the last few days, poor guy.

While we were walking the dogs, I was whining about how sore I am and B suggested, mildly, that maybe I cut back a little bit on the workouts for a while.  "Honey, I hate to say this, but you're not as young as you used to be.  It takes longer to recover."  Ouch.  In more ways than one. 

K got her report card last week and did very well - First Honors again and excellent grades in everything.  I'm so pleased and proud of her.  School was always relatively easy for me, and I take it for granted that it is equally easy for everyone.  It is, of course, NOT equally easy for everyone - God made us all differently with different gifts and talents.  Some people have learning difficulties, some people just aren't as smart, and some people just don't care.  But thankfully so far school is relatively easy for K.  She works hard on her homework, don't get me wrong, and some days she spend two hours doing work and studying, which I think is actually a lot for a 5th grader, but it is paying off.  She likes school, she loves learning, and she doesn't even mind her homework most nights.  We are very blessed in that regard (and in many others).

Since I wrote Monday we've made some good progress towards our financial goal of getting out of debt.  We started the process to refinance our mortgage to a 15 year, fixed rate.  It will shave 7+ years off our current mortgage and save us about $57,000 in the long term.  In the short term, it is only going to cost us about $35 a month more and won't change anything with our escrow or insurance.  I'm never a big fan of increasing our monthly expenses, but when I think about saving that much money (that's after factoring in the extra $35 a month) and locking in at such a low rate...we kept asking the BOA guy what the catch is.  We looked into refinancing a few years ago and the rates were high enough that it would have cost a coupe of hundred extra a month to go from a 30 year to a 15 year.  We would have like to shave 10 or 12 years off, but I'll be happy with 7.   It will take a few months to execute the process, assuming our application is accepted, etc.  The whole thing stresses me out a bit (hate all things debt and money related.  HATE.  Major anxiety producer) but it will be a good thing in the end.

I am sick of Winter.  I was sick of winter in November, honestly, but I am really sick of it now.  We have been very lucky with weather this year - only a few little storms so far.  It is just so gray and cold and blah and I just want to hibernate.  But soon it will be Spring and all the flowers will be blooming and the grass and trees will be greening up and it will be bright and lovely again. 

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