Thursday, April 12, 2012

Gratitude, 4/12

Today I am grateful...

That it is Thursday and I don't have to get up as early tomorrow morning.  I am so tired.

That I did not actually freeze to death on the train this AM.  It felt like the AC was blasting.  I zipped my coat up and hunkered down and my ears and the tip of my nose were chilled by the time I got to work.

That my hubby knows how to tile and soon I will have beautiful new tile at my front door and in front of the fire place.  His labor is saving us about $1,000.

That in another month I will also have beautiful new, non-unraveling carpet. 

That my extra 0.67 jobs (1 PT and one very PT) this fall/winter paid for said carpet.

That I only have to go to the dentist 2x a year.  The new hygienist is a sadist and made me feel bad for my inferior cleaning technique (no cavities, but still inferior apparently) and the spots on my teeth from childhood ear infections ("Hasn't anyone suggested removing those spots?"  No, they are from antibiotics when I was a kid.  "Well shallow spots can be buffed out."  Yeah...I think maybe that would have happened over the 30 years my adult teeth have been getting cleaned?).  I also apparently have a defective tongue that insists on moving forward when I swallow which makes my mouth have more saliva than normal?  Ummm...sorry?

That my super speedy youngest niece is running in districts today.

That I don't have to run against her.

That K once again had a great report card.

That my washer and drier are hooked up and running again in a newly painted and cleaned (though still yucky) space.  That drier was HEAVY, let me tell you.

That my gaping, oozing swimsuit injury is mostly healed and now I have body glide to try tomorrow to avoid another.

That K is enjoying the 1st Harry Potter book on CD.  I'm hoping she'll want to read the rest of them now.

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